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As teammates we got the opportunity to look deeper into the tech sector that Barcelona has to offer by examining a non-profit organization, Barcelona Tech City. This association is open to Barcelona based people in the digital or tech sector. The main goal of this company is to create a collaborative environment that will help foster growth in the international tech scene. The company was created in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs based in Barcelona, led by Miguel Vicente, Lucas Carné, Iñaki Ecenarro, Mauricio Prieto, Dídac Lee and Carlos Blanco, among others, with the goal of making their association positioned as Barcelona’s technological hub of reference in southern Europe.

Barcelona Tech City is the founding partners of tech and digital companies in the business sector, representing more than 500 companies. The company is a group of agents who venture capital entities or networks of private investors who, in turn, have promoted investments in business projects in the digital and tech business sector. Tech City provides services including consulting, directly or indirectly, for business projects in the field. While representing these many companies, more than half are global partners which has helped to increase their global presence. For example, some global partners with Tech City are Telefonica, KPMG, ESADE Business School, Airbnb, and Port of Barcelona. These companies are all well-known multinational corporations. The biggest reference for how this association is ran comes from London Tech City, which also pulls from the model of growth that New York exemplifies.  This shows the growth and strength that this company holds on a global scale.

Now, the Man behind the Plan, the CEO, Miguel Marti who is part of the group of founders has also been CEO for five years. Marti has an industrial engineering degree from Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) and an MBA from ESADE Business School. His sufficient background heightens his credibility for this position, looking for the best interests of the company. One of the goals of Barcelona Tech City is its commitment to promote the city as a South European reference internationally regarding tech. With this commitment, Marti has made it possible to have a high turnover of 6.7 billion Euros plus significant presence in over fifty countries around the world. Marti has implemented five main objectives for the company to go by, first being to improve legal, fiscal, and financial landscaping. Second, to spread entrepreneurship culture. Third, they would like to make Barcelona an international hub for businesses. Fourth, the company has hopes to promote digital and technical tools to help the growth of other sectors in the city. Lastly, they strive to link the sector to mobile world capital. If a company has interest in being apart of this global movement one must need a membership.

To receive the services coming from Barcelona Tech City a membership is absolutely required. There are about 25 board members comprising of 21 males and 4 females, all of whom happen to be leaders in tech companies including Privalia, eDreams, and Softonic to name a few. There are certain criteria to become a member, for example; you need to be a founder of a tech company or a founding partner of business projects in the digital/tech sector. One must also be an agent of venture capital companies where these agents will have to have had to promote investments in business projects in the tech industry. A member could also be a founder of collaborating tech/e-commerce companies, whereas these companies include direct/indirect consultancy services for business projects in tech. One must exemplify an executive management position in digital business or in non-digital core business companies. Lastly, to become a member one must be part of an executive management team of a tech multinational base in Barcelona. It is required to have these listed criteria above to be eligible to become a member at Barcelona Tech City. With the membership, there are also huge benefits that will help promote tech companies to the next level. Some member benefits include, better access to talented workers due to promotion of entrepreneurship culture. Second, a company will profit from aspects such as sharing tech information and increased networking opportunities. Third, one may profit from the link to the Barcelona brand. Lastly, a company holding this membership will have the ability to face problems on global and systematic levels. Barcelona Tech City has a field location called Pier 01; this location is a building that host third party conferences, meetings, and workshops that have become the backbone of the digital sector in the city. This location was named and represented after a pier because of how it gives shelter, especially to entrepreneurs and other leaders that build their brand and company.

There are many different start up companies that compete with Barcelona Tech City. Some of these companies may have different requirements, but they are in the same industry promoting the same type of work, leading them to be competitors. To list a few of Tech City’s biggest competitors there are: MboisApp, Seedinvest, Babynology, ClothingRIC, FullonSMS, LGBTI, NAStartUp, The Fanarchist, and ZingPlay. All of these companies use the same idea of having a membership to join, using tech tools as a basis of business, and the form to promote company’s depth in Barcelona. Barcelona Tech City strives to outshine their competitors with different marketing and branding strategies that will keep them ahead. First, the company would like to strengthen the ecosystem, by leaving a significantly positive economic footprint. Second, by promoting the Barcelona Tech City brand and not just the company, they further their client list and promote more business. Third, a tool they use is fostering business competitiveness in order to drive innovation within their company. Lastly, Tech City connects different tech savvy talents to the business sector of things and by linking these two together you get a great deal of benefits and opportunities for your company.

In the end, Barcelona Tech City is a company worth looking into for tech sectors in Barcelona. With the hopes of promoting your company and taking it to the next level Barcelona Tech City can help expand a company’s perimeters through collaboration with other companies and entrepreneurs and help foster an immense amount of innovation for the city and people of Barcelona.



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