Barcelona Activa

Prepared by: Amilya Jeanty & Ilya Kushnirsky

Barcelona Activa is one of many the entities in Barcelona that acts as an intermediary and helps to launch projects around the city. Their prime focus in doing so is to make a significant local social impact in order to stimulate employment and innovation throughout Barcelona.   Some of the programs that Barcelona Activa offers are involved with training individuals in various business related topics, consulting and guidance for entities of a business, financial consulting and support to young adults and people over the age 45.  The general projects that it carriers involve some level of social impact, through a number of impulse social projects.

The company has been promoting development and growth within Barcelona for the past 30 years.  They provide these local development projects through entrepreneurship, job creation, employment management and sourcing talent locally.  Barcelona Activa screens and conducts due diligence on projects and offers guidance to firms who wish to do or start business in the city. Barcelona Activa differentiates itself through focusing achieving a more fair design in the economy and ultimately decreasing the economic gap between various neighborhoods in Barcelona.  A comparable example of Barcelona Activa would be how in New York, supermarket brands like Fairway open new locations in places especially where there is need for employees and economic stimulation.  Fairway recruits talent locally thereby creating a fair tradeoff and sustaining the community as well as brining improvement to the area.  In areas where there is low percentage of growth, there results in low wages per family and the need for employment.  A large employer creates significant impact as well as the accessibility to large enough operational labor.  This is the idea behind Barcelona Activa, to improve the general standard of living in all of the areas of Barcelona including the ones that are of low income status while improving on the living conditions as much as possible to enhance the quality of each citizen’s life, either directly or indirectly.  Barcelona Activa also helps investors and companies promote projects, as well as aiding investors and potential business owners to find opportunities, while providing guidance on opening corporations, and knowledge of fiscal regulations.

Some of the other activities that Barcelona Activa is involved in are continuous training events for the individuals who attend their seminars, as well as professional development trainings. Barcelona Activa’s prominence stems from the notion of sustainability, promoting and enhancing overall diversity, such as gender and LGBTQ equality.

Barcelona Activa is structured as a mix between private and public sectors and receives funding for its projects from both sources. The government provides financial grants for Barcelona Activa in order for them to be able to promote socially responsible projects that impact Barcelona as a City, as well as its living conditions.  The private sector also actively impulses projects that are financed from the private sector, but are equally important and impacting to the Barcelona as a city have an overall benefit to the citizens of the region.

Barcelona Activa evaluates the needs for each individual sector and analyses the needs of the group that wants to launch the product.  They also diligently consider what impact it will have on the community and then finally provide the innovative approach and solution.  Barcelona Activa works on specializing specific segments and areas of the city individually, in order to more effectively address lingering hindrances to social and economic development..  The ultimate goal here is to provide the diversity of the city of Barcelona.

In assisting employees in attaining jobs in certain areas by creating opportunities and providing guidance, training and support while promoting entrepreneurship, social innovation, and support for various individual projects, Barcelona Activa takes very seriously the responsibility, high social impact, and community return of their operations.  The organization has provided support directly to 14,307 individuals, and significant support in establishing 2,556 new business projects.

In order to promote technology and various technological projects for individuals who take advantage of their services, Barcelona Activa has created the “Cibernarium” In this technologically based environment students are able to take classes in big data, website design, development and coding, as well as any other types of classes related to technology and innovation.  In return, these impulses can create a great number of free-lance workers and ultimately create independently working adults and opportunities that were not previously possible. Barcelona Activa also provides professional technology development training for individuals and corporations.

There are options to receive full support to newly opened firms that are interested in doing business in Barcelona.  Barcelona Activa offers legal advice and guidance to these current and potential business, as well as full back office setup assistance.  They provide step-by-step instructions for the company creation process, as well as advice and knowledge on the best potential locations to operate these businesses. Barcelona Activa continues on by providing contractual revisions and evaluations.  They help evaluate the feasibility of the business model and provide advice and guidance.  In this way, they provide the full service of business consulting for companies that may want to transfer from other locations or start from scratch as a brand new entity.  The provide HR services and financial options and solutions to their clients as well.

The Cibernarium can be compared to a full fledge business consulting entity within the Barcelona Activa family.  It is also important to mention that Cibernarium has very strong emphasis on entrepreneurship.  It encourages entrepreneurs to bring their projects to the incubator, where they are willing to combine resources of their various chains, whether it be HR and their talent, or technological capabilities. Their funding allocation can help impulse these projects and bring them to real market in real time, so it therefore acts as an accelerator for social impacting projects.

One of the other sides of Barcelona Activa is their Treball job directory website.  The concept is based upon a job search counseling program that provides numerous networking events and opportunities to it’s clients for potential employees. They provide career counseling and help individuals determine their career goals strategically, and in the best way for the individual and potential business’s success and growth.  They provide numerous training sessions on employment counseling and help with the process of finding a job.   Barcelona Activa has offered over 600 training places to their citizens, projects and companies alone in the file of social economy. The developed three tailor-made programs in order to foster and promote entrepreneurship, as well as the reinforcement of projects within this filed.

Their programs are divided by age groups and are catered to the particular group they are given to.  There are special groups created for young adults as well as for adults over 35 years old who are in their career change path.  This creates quality and a trained workforce while acting as a bridge in later time between employers and employees, thereby creating a sustainable future.  They are not just providing workers and employees, but are providing a quality tailored labor force that is needed by employers and satisfies the employees at the same time.

It is a known that in the entrepreneurial world that many of the people and firms have and will have a very hard time developing their projects without some type of intervention.  Barcelona Activa uses these economic indicators and tries to allocate the funding and support to the areas that need them the most.  It evaluates what the populations needs are and sends their resources in that direction.

Their goal and mission and vision is to reduce all the forms of inequality and strive for a sustainable model and steady developmental sustainable growth.  They promote working with the local government and local population to setup an employment strategy and use the local work force in areas that are marginal and need the labor.

Their mission values a d equal opportunities and social progress, cooperation, economy at the service of citizens, and a public service spirit while promoting and emphasizing professional ethics.

The mission values that Barcelona Activa adheres to are equal opportunity and social progress, internal and external cooperation, economic growth and service of people with social sustainability, and lastly, public service spirit and professional/personal ethics.  In working to maintain and progress the overall sustainability and development of the city by bettering the resources of those effected, Barcelona Activa makes and continues to strive from enhancing the quality of life for the citizens of Barcelona.





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